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Why I Photograph Boudoir Portraits

July 30, 2018

Just the other day, someone I don’t know left a comment on one of my boudoir photos (the photo below) on my facebook page: “not cool.” Let’s discuss this a little, because this is has to do with why I photograph boudoir. I photograph boudoir portraits so that women can see their own beauty and love themselves. So women can be unabashedly themselves, without anyone shaming them or telling them differently. So that women can feel beautiful despite what the cultural expectations and standards of beauty are. So that women can be themselves and get portraits of themselves without being shamed. So that women don’t have to feel judged or wronged, so that women can be free to feel good about themselves.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting boudoir portraits of yourself. Yes it’s liberating, confidence boosting, unforgettable and you leave feeling gorgeous and pampered. And anyone, any woman deserves to feel that way. No woman should be shamed into feeling otherwise. All women, each and every single one should feel beautiful and deserves to feel beautiful. My ladies cry when they see their boudoir photos because they realize how beautiful they are and this shall not be ignored. And the woman in my photo, I think she’s downright beautiful.

I am so saddened by a fellow woman commenting “not cool” on another woman’s boudoir photos. I respect anyone’s beliefs, some of my family are deeply traditional and I have been fortunate enough to be raised by a mother who believes in loving a woman’s figure and being a woman, owning everything that comes with being a woman. I believe in loving yourself and loving every part of being a woman, and your body, thus I photograph boudoir portraits.

To the person that left the comment, I’m sorry you feel that my photography is not cool and that it offends you. I’m sorry that you feel that way about boudoir photography. But I am not sorry for photographing women and insisting that they should love themselves and feel beautiful. For that I will not apologize.

So ladies, are you thinking of doing your boudoir portraits? Let’s do it, check out my work, let’s make more beautiful and uncool photos because guess what, you deserve it and I have no problems ruffling more feathers.

Because ladies, it’s boudoir, it’s a girl thing!



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- I believe in the beauty of each individual woman  
- I believe in celebrating your every curve
- I believe that boudoir is empowering
- I embrace beauty in femininity 
- I believe that confidence is sexy 

- I believe laughing is even sexier
- I believe you determine what sexy is for you
- I believe that being a woman is amazing
- I believe in the healing power of boudoir portraiture
- I believe in memorializing your beauty


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