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what to wear to boudoir session
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What to wear to a Boudoir session

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If its your first time doing a boudoir session with a photographer, I’m sure the number one question in your mind is: “What am I going to wear?!” Fear not, here at Boudoir by Olin we have some great suggestions on what to wear to a boudoir session! We offer ideas and inspiration from a photographers standpoint on what types of wardrobe selections have worked the best for us from years of experience in photographing studio boudoir sessions.

 Not too long ago we met up with the lovely Jazmine for a boudoir session in Sacramento. We thought she was such a great example of a woman who really embraced versatility in her style during her boudoir session, and so we thought we could share examples of some great outfits!

During our boudoir session she had a few different looks that she loved, but we still kept it simple and we had so much fun with it! Hope you take a peak through our boudoir photographs with Jazmine and get inspired for some wardrobe ideas for your studio boudoir session!

sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0009 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0026

Bra and Panties. For your boudoir session, bra and panties are always a good choice! Besides, sometimes its nice to have a little push up! You can match your sets, or if you want to have fun with it you can even mix and match!

sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0002 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0003 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0001

Casual wear. If you are really worried about what to wear boudoir session, sometimes the sexiest thing is  sticking to basics. You can’t beat a plain white tee, or an over sized sweater over your bra and panty.

sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0036 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0034

Also during a boudoir session, it can be fun to mix it up a little bit from the ordinary. A fun and sexy twist could be to bring your beau’s jersey, favorite tee, or button up for your boudoir session.

sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0011 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0013

Accessories. Accessories like necklaces, bracelets can add a fun, sexy and personalized touch to your boudoir session.

sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0078 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0049 sacramento-boudoir-session-studio0072

Lingerie. If you want that sultry look, lingerie is always fun to bring! From garter slips, to babydoll slips, to long stockings all are sexy choices! It’s fun to dress up and it most certainly fun being a woman!


Whether the boudoir session is on location or in a studio, the most important thing to remember is to just be you, that is the sexiest thing you can be. 

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  1. […] not! There are so many great options of different things to wear and we even put together a lovely inspirational blog post of things you can wear if you choose to book a boudoir with […]

    • I’m hoping to do a boudoir lingerie or swim suit session either one would be fine with me to do but it’s up to you what’s more comfortable for the photographer to do let me know when you wanna do a boudoir session like any time is good for me.

  2. Rev says:

    I came across your website and I was enamored by the stunning and lovely photographs you’ve taken. I am wondering if you could do Boudier photographs for me The only problem I see here is that I’m a man. However, I am a big fan of lingerie and have a bit of a fetish for how beautiful they are. Please let me know if you would be open to doing a Boudier shoot for me. If not , I completely understand. I don’t intend to make you uncomfortable at any stage of the interaction.

  3. Juana says:

    Do u carry plus size to

  4. Kelley Whitton says:

    Plus size?

  5. Armida says:

    I’m kind of on the plus size could you suggest what kind of lingerie would look good on a plus size woman I’m a Latina and I really don’t know what colors would look good on my skin tone or on my body for that matter

  6. sheila says:

    i dont have much confidence i am small busted and i not curvy but i would like to like the skin i am in. i would love to have beautiful photos like the ones i see in gallery. do you think it is possible to help me?

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