Woman standing against a black wall in edgy boudoir session photo with black strappy lingerie

The Joys of Self-Love & Acceptance

September 8, 2020

Soooo let’s discuss something. Something that is very important for me to communicate with you.
I pour everything during your session to help make you look and feel comfortable. I also do everything to accentuate you and show you the best of you. I try my hardest so you feel and look beautiful, I try to pick the best poses and positions for you to flatter your body and accentuate you. I do all this, and I try to make magic with you. From posing your head to your toes to trying to guide and give you all the directions I can.
What I will not and cannot do is make you not look like you. What I will not do is alter you, photoshop you and change you beyond recognizability. That I swear I will never do. I’m here to show you, you. I’m here to help encourage you on your self acceptance and self love journey. I am not here to lie to you.
If you have insecurities, if you are shy, if you have a hard time seeing you, I am here for you and I am here to help you. I’m here, hopefully to show you that we all have insecurities and that we are all beautiful in our own way. I’m here to show you your beautiful parts and the beautiful lines of your body.
Woman standing against a black wall in edgy boudoir session photo with black strappy lingerie
But I have to be honest, I cannot help you if you are out of touch with how you look and feel about your body. I can’t help you if you don’t like the way you look and if you’re disconnected. I can’t help you if looking in the mirror makes you feel uncomfortable, I truly wish I could. But that takes a lot of internal work. I’m sorry, I’m only a photographer. And my work is grounded in realty. I can’t help you if you have a vision in your head that I cannot match, that would be dishonoring and disrespecting the art and you. I know it’s hard to feel that discomfort, I was there too. I once was so out of touch with my body, so disconnected, suffering from an eating disorder. Trust me, some days, I still fight my own body image demons. And that’s why I know that it requires work to fix that relationship with yourself. That’s how I know it’s beyond me and my camera.
All I am asking is for you to accept yourself. I’m not asking you to love every part of your body. But I hope you love every part of you inside. Truly it’s tied together, trust me on this.
I want to make magic with you for you. That requires a partnership with you and for you to also work with me during your session. Trust in the poses and what I’m trying to do. I’m watching your body move. I’m putting a lot of energy into your shoot, I hope you do too, but for you, for you to honor your body for yourself and for your photos. Don’t give up on me or go easy. I give everything I have into this. I hope you do too.
Black and white boudoir photo of woman laying in thigh high boots and black outfit
The ladies in the studio, we are all cheering and supporting you. And we have tried to take all the steps to make you feel special and comfortable, welcomed and loved, because that’s how we genuinely feel. Your make up artist, Kayla, Donna, Cassie and I, we are all on your side! That’s why we limit the number of ladies we work with every day. Because it’s about you! From the first phone call to your session, your reveal and when you finally see your products, we want you to know the experience was special for us and for you and we put all our energy into it.
It’s a special relationship during a special time to create something special for you. Just for you. I don’t care who you’re doing photos for, my primary and only intention is you.
And truly from the bottom of my heart, I hope you love the best I do for you.
So ladies, if you’re ready to see the real and beautiful you, I welcome you into my studio because I love seeing you shine!
Have thoughts? Please comment with what you think and feel. I’d appreciate it 🥰
Woman laughing during a boudoir photoshoot

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