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Celebrating Your Skin: Miss D’s Story

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Boudoir By Olin

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Miss D’s cultural identity as Indian and Fijian forms a rich blend of experiences and influences. From her earliest memories of Fiji’s warmth to the playful camaraderie she found in the streets of India, her journey to self-acceptance has been a nuanced exploration of cultural identity.

As a child, Miss D grappled with the pressure to conform to Western ideals of beauty, longing to embody the blonde-haired, blue-eyed archetype of “American” beauty. But with adulthood came a profound shift—a reclamation of her cultural roots and a newfound pride in her heritage. In the embrace of college’s diverse community, she found solace in celebrating her differences–her language, the food she eats, the music she listens to–reveling in the richness of her ancestry.

Her missionary work in India during her early college years enhanced this embrace of her cultural identity. There, she felt a sense of pride to be Indian, as she was able to share her culture with those that travelled with her.

indian woman boudoir

Miss D’s journey hasn’t been without its challenges. In a society  and culture rife with colorism, she faced criticism for her darker complexion, pressured to conform to standards of fairness. But with resilience and self-assurance, she turned adversity into empowerment, refusing to be defined by others’ narrow perceptions of beauty.

Instead, she proudly proclaims, “This is who I am, this is how I was made. I am this color, I am this shade, I am this shape.”

We’ve had the privilege of having Miss D in our studio for both a boudoir and glamor session. Miss D sings praise of both experiences, but highlights her affinity toward her time in the boudoir studio. In her boudoir session, Miss D found not just a space for self-expression, but a platform for empowerment. A significant part of her self-expression came in the form of her saree, which she brought as an outfit to be photographed in. Adorned in the elegance of her saree, she radiated confidence, embracing her cultural heritage with every pose.

southeast asian woman boudoir

Through the lens of Olin’s camera, she discovered the transformative power of self-love, feeling “empowered to be in (her) own skin” long after the sessions ended.

For Miss D, moments of pride in her Asian American identity are not just personal—they’re a celebration of collective achievement. Whether witnessing the rise of Indian actors in entertainment or reveling in cultural milestones like Nina Davuluri’s Miss America win, she finds solace in the recognition of her community’s resilience and ingenuity.

southeast asian beauty boudoir

To women hesitant to embark on their own boudoir journey, Miss D offers words of encouragement: embrace the opportunity to express your true self, to celebrate the beauty of your uniqueness. In the sanctuary created by artists like Olin, she found not just photographs, but a reflection of her journey—a testament to the power of self-love and acceptance.

In the radiant glow of Miss D’s journey, we find a reminder of the beauty that resides within each of us, waiting to be embraced, celebrated, and cherished.

asian american glamour

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This is a safe space. A destination where you can have a powerful, transformative experience. A place to heal. Overturn stigmas. Validate your own unique beauty. Have fun. Laugh. And the best part? Our boudoir experience is for women of all ages, shapes, shades, and sizes.

We believe in empowering women through photography. It’s not just about beautiful photographs. Boudoir is like a rocket launch for your self-love journey of acceptance. It can–and has–changed lives. But you have to let it. Nervous? That’s ok. We’ll be there to cheer you on. 



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