Destination-Oahu Boudoir Session

September 24, 2021

In July Boudoir by Olin took to Maui and Oahu! We loved the experience we were able to provide the ladies there. They were so gorgeous and sweet, can’t wait to go again! We took incredible photos, here are some of the sets and images of the boudoir session!

Oahu Balcony Shoot

In Oahu we had one outdoor setting which was our Oahu Balcony Boudoir set. The view was gorgeous with a mixture of skyscrapers and luscious greens. The balcony set captured the beauty of Oahu and its city life. Our ladies posed by the railings with the stunning view as their background!

Palm Boudoir Session Set

For one of our indoor set we incorporated this beautiful and fun palm leaf background as our back drop. The colors were too fun to pass up on and the ladies were comfortably positioned on the sofa as they went through multiple different poses. We added a throw blanket for a pop of color on the sofa so it didn’t look too lonely. The set came together nicely!

Our Signature Bed Set

Of course we had our signature bed set that we include in all of our boudoir sessions. The bed was a nice cream color with a blue throw blanket that matched the palm leaf background. The color coordinated so well with one another and reflected well with our ladies and their outfits!

Oahu Bedroom Floor Boudoir Session Set

Lastly, we added one of our favorite poses from the bedroom floor. This is where ladies are positioned against the bed while either leaning on it or laying on their backs! This set accentuates the booty and gives a chance for the ladies to show off their arch! We are so pleased with how the boudoir session came out and the ladies fell in love with their photos!


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