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“Oh, but the prices are expensive…”
That’s what we often hear in the studio. But let me tell you why our boudoir pricing is the way it is. Buckle up, this is a long one ladies. And if you make it to the end, comment to tell me you’ve read my manifesto.
First of all, I know for a fact that we are not the more expensive boudoir photographers in the area. Because I have been asked by them to raise my prices. And I know from clients who have asked around. So let’s be clear about that.
Can you go with a cheap boudoir photographer? Absolutely. But are they trained? Are they experienced? Will they make you look AND FEEL good? Will the change the way you see yourself? Do they know how to pose you? Do they know how to edit? Do you know how bad it would be if you got bad boudoir photos? That’s my nightmare! I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard our clients say that they had a bad experience with a cheap photographer. I mean, you should get the best photographer if only for that reason! Do they know how to create an emotionally safe space for you while you’re vulnerable? Will they understand how hard this is for you?
But let me share with you why our pricing is the way it is…

1. Quality for you.

I refuse in getting cheap products. Nope, just nope. I want albums and products that last for years in your hands. Don’t be surprised if your boudoir album is as nice if not nicer than your wedding album! Don’t be surprised if your prints and frames are a quality beyond what you normally see. I want you to have the best because I know you’re making an important investment and I both appreciate and honor your decision to trust me.

2. No purchase minimums

There are no lower product prices compared to other photographers and payment plans. Yes, we have done all this for you so that you can make the investment safely. We offer pre-session and post-session payment plans. We don’t require you to spend XX amount on us. So you can have a session and buy just one print at $180 and you will have the same experience, customer service, and quality product as everyone else. We offer in-house payment plans with 0 additional costs to you so that it’s easier for you.

3. The best hair and make-up team for you

Experience and licenses, professionally trained, friendly, and safe. No cutting corners here, not only do I want you to feel and look beautiful, I want to make sure that you’re safe, so that means a hair and make-up team that knows how to sanitize their equipment on top of using the best equipment. Plus we have our own dedicated make-up space for you.

4. Editing

Yup, we edit EVERY SINGLE PHOTO. Every single one. Why? We are perfectionists and want to make sure you look good. Editing takes time and effort. I’ve trained Sarah myself to do our editing on top of the editing I do simply because we want your photos to be perfect.

5. And let’s talk about equipment

The best camera, the best lenses, powerful computers, the best everything for you. Even the best faux lashes, comfy chairs for you to sit in, and high-end touches to make you feel cared for. Also, equipment and furniture that has been rated and tested for all body types and sizes. We have clients that are XS- 5XL, you can bet that all the furniture in our studio has been approved for all sizes.

6. An Incredible Studio

A boudoir studio that looks good and makes you feel good. Sets that are quality, curated, and designed to make you look good. Sets that are not falling apart. Sets that are current and are freshened up constantly. A boudoir studio that stands apart from all the rest. Did you know we have the MOST SETS out of any of the boudoir studios in the area? And, we make sure to sanitize! We have air purifiers going in the studio and make-up area all the time. We have UV lights that turn on after a client leaves. We clean and wash all our sheets frequently.

7. Our Client Closet

A client closet open that has thousands of pieces, so many shoes, accessories, and more that it puts Victoria’s Secret to shame… Yup. We have sizes XS – 5XL and all colors of the rainbow. We are constantly adding to the closet. Luxurious robes, amazing wings, lots of sparkly things, bondage gear that is the highest quality. In fact, my girls told me I can’t buy any more pieces until we get a bigger closet. Starting in 2022, we will have the client closet open to all clients. SERIOUSLY. And we wash everything in the studio right away so it’s always clean for you.

8. Legitimacy

Having a legitimate, legal business and doing things right. Yes, we do everything legally, we pay our taxes, sales tax, employee tax, the whole thing. We don’t cut corners. We pay fees so you can pay using your credit card or PayPal. We use software and apps that make the process easier for you! It is important for me to have a sustainable business so we can be around for you, your friends, and also for my team members.


It is important to me to pay my team fairly. We have an all-women team. I choose to employ women in the area. I do not outsource the work to virtual assistants or foreign companies. I believe in employing local and having happy team members. Frankly, I pay my team before I pay myself and they’re the most important thing to me. I want to give them raises, I want them to have the best. I want them to be happy. They get days off, they get perks at work, and they get all my love because they’re there for you.

10. Professional Photographer

I have been photographing for over 15 years. Yes, that’s right. I have a Bachelor’s and Masters in Fine Arts. I am constantly learning and improving myself FOR YOU. I am always learning new poses, I am always trying new poses. I am always, always trying to make you look better. I am constantly planning new sets and themed shoots. I try to stay sharp creatively for you.

11. Creating a Safe Place

I am also constantly trying to learn how to create safe space. I care deeply about my ladies. I want to make sure you feel right at home. I want you to know you can trust me. That I am your friend. I wake up every day asking myself how I can better serve the people around me, and that means you. I honor your trust in me and it means a lot to me. I want you to know I have your back and my job is to make you feel good about yourself. And so is my team. They want so much to help and show you how you shine. They legit care about you. Kayla, Sarah, and Caitlin are the best girls I can ask for and they collectively believe in you.

12. An Unmatchable Experience

When you book a session with us, you get our undivided attention and you’re the only one in the studio. Yes, that’s right. This is why we make sure that the experience is exclusive and special for you. From the snacks and drinks that we offer, you are the VIP in our studio. You will never see me rushing your session. I photograph until I feel good about your photos. I don’t cut it short, I cut corners. And we only photograph up to two women a day so we can pour our energy and attention on you. We are exhausted after a session anyways because we pour so much into you!

13. Life Changing and Self-Empowering

A life-changing experience. One that will open your eyes and show you how beautiful you are. One that stays with you for years. Permission for you to want to feel good and to actually feel good. Permission to pamper yourself. An experience that affirms your power as a woman. And isn’t that priceless? Ask any of the ladies that have worked with us that have experienced this. Aren’t you worth the experience?

14. All About You

My reason for doing this is YOU. I want to change women’s lives. I want to empower women, I want women to feel better. I want to leave women feeling slightly better than when I first met them. I want you to feel so good, you empower others. I want to cause small ripples in the pond. I dedicate myself to this purpose. Girl, if I wanted to make money and be a millionaire, I would not be in this business. I believe that my purpose right now is to serve you, and I am not joking about that.
Honestly, aren’t all the reasons above worth the investment?
Gosh, I know it’s been a long post, and thank you if you have made it this far. I spend a lot of energy and time thinking about my clients and my photography. I want you to know that I take you seriously, so please, please treat your boudoir session as an important investment because it is, and because YOU ARE IMPORTANT. You are more than worth it, and I want you to know and feel it. Tell me what you think. Tell me how we can improve. Tell me you understand my reasons and most importantly, tell me you are worth the investment.

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