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Lady J had to be one of my most eager clients to grace the studio yet. She is a beautiful free spirit with a love of things flirty and edgy. Her shoot today was more about her sexiness and being seductive and unveiling herself in her purest form. Sometimes we just want to feel wanted, and appreciated, well for Lady J this was her day. The camera was her muse and she had its full attention. Not only was she extremely hot, but her conversation was invigorating and we laughed and joked the entire time! She spends most of her week working in the fashion world, and although there are no limits in fashion, in her place of business she likes to maintain more of a fashion forward business attire. Which leaves her sensation and need for more sex appeal insatiable.

At Boudoir by Olin, she had the confidence to just be herself and be as imaginative as she pleased. Fantasy about a trench coat, skivvies, and heels? Check! Overcoming her fear of being seen in sexy lace lingerie in front of a window? Check! Not only was Lady J finally releasing her wild side, but she grabbed the reigns and took control of it! She knew what angles accentuated her body, and what lighting was best for each erotic pose she positioned herself in. Lady J would have had the best of us wishing we could possess the same body awareness and love that she had for herself. It was empowering to see that she understood her beauty and self-worth, and because of that, she killed every shot in her shoot! Lady J was taking no prisoners today and you could see it through each flicker of my lens.

Most of Lady J’s photos played with natural lighting, angles, and her fantastic bodily arches, but her personality did not hide behind her great looks. Lady J was a gem to work with and an inspirational woman. She worked her way up the later at her job and finally made the choice to own her own business. Not only was she a baddie in front of the camera, but she was taking her life by storm! With this session, she allowed herself a day to break loose, enjoy the sexy body given to her, and achieve some of her deepest desires on her bucket list. Lingerie is not just for temptation but for liberation and she allowed Boudoir by Olin to be that platform in which to do it! Lady J was an absolutely wonderful masterpiece and she provided us with a  gallery of her confidence, to showcase and motivate other women to come in and do the same.

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This is a safe space. A destination where you can have a powerful, transformative experience. A place to heal. Overturn stigmas. Validate your own unique beauty. Have fun. Laugh. And the best part? Our boudoir experience is for women of all ages, shapes, shades, and sizes.

We believe in empowering women through photography. It’s not just about beautiful photographs. Boudoir is like a rocket launch for your self-love journey of acceptance. It can–and has–changed lives. But you have to let it. Nervous? That’s ok. We’ll be there to cheer you on. 



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