Beer and Boudoir with Lady H

July 31, 2017

For my boudoir session today, Lady H, came in ready to go! She felt free to open up a nice cold beer and just have some good old fun! Lady H found out about Boudoir by Olin, from a friend that recently did a shoot with us. She said she loved her friend’s shots so much that she had to come experience Boudoir by Olin for herself. Although she’s always been confident in herself, she wanted a bit of a confidence boost when it came to her body. To do that, she decided to ease into the session by starting with a white lace dress lingerie piece, and work her way up to a two-piece, white Victoria secret bra and geometric translucent thong. As the shoot went on and she changed into each of her pieces, you could see each layer of insecurity peel away. We started with a beautiful young lady that was getting a feel for herself and what felt sexy to her, and ended with a confident woman full of sex appeal!

Lady H looked amazing in each photo she took, but she looked most fulfilled in our last few pictures. She no longer was worried about what positions I thought would look great, or which lingerie piece looked better. Instead she was telling me what type of shots she would like me to capture. Although she came to simply try something new, by the end of the session she was saying that she will definitely be telling her friends to try it out too. She said it was a fun experience, and she would love to try it again. Not only was she a satisfied client, but she’s already booked for another session!



Want to fall in love with your body, in ways you never thought to try? Well Boudoir by Olin can totally do that for you! We promote self-love, women’s empowerment as well as confidence. Seeing yourself in an amazing set of lingerie and a great photograph, can be a great way to fall in love with your body all over again. Boudoir by Olin strives to bring out your inner beauty and outer beauty and unite them in a great photo. To become our next boudoir success story, follow the link below to sign up for a consultation. If you want to stay up to date with our newest blog posts, upcoming deals and services, feel free to also sign up for our newsletter below. Lastly, you don’t want to miss out on seeing beautiful shots of our “Lovely Lady” of the week! Follow us on Instagram at @BoudoirbyOlin. We are looking forward to meeting you, and creating an amazing Boudoir by Olin experience for you!

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- I believe in the beauty of each individual woman  
- I believe in celebrating your every curve
- I believe that boudoir is empowering
- I embrace beauty in femininity 
- I believe that confidence is sexy 

- I believe laughing is even sexier
- I believe you determine what sexy is for you
- I believe that being a woman is amazing
- I believe in the healing power of boudoir portraiture
- I believe in memorializing your beauty


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