Beating the Boudoir Nerves

June 11, 2021

Nervous? Don’t be! Here’s how you can prepare for your boudoir session!

First Things First

First thing we’ll do when you get in is check out all of those beautiful outfit choices. Depending on the session type you’ve booked, you’ll have a certain number of outfits in your shoot – but we always recommend bringing a few more so that we can help you choose the best looks! We also love props – we welcome you to be creative! This is also when we’ll discuss the narrative of the boudoir shoot, and what feel you’d like to go for, based off of the outfits you brought. Unless you have a specific themed session, you’ll have lots of options – our boudoir studio comes with different vignettes, so we can create the look and vibe you’re going for!

Makeup Process

Depending on your session package, you may have hair & make-up to do! If so, we have a team of professional artists that seriously know what they’re doing. You’ll experience the true star experience with our expert artist as, together, you chat about what look you’re hoping to pin down. Don’t worry, this is a completely interactive experience! Feel free to ask questions and to give input throughout the process. Not sure which look to go for? Just ask!

Putting on Your Boudoir Outfits

Now that you’re feeling (and looking) fabulous, it’s off to the boudoir shoot! We’ll start you off with the outfit you feel the most comfortable in, and see where it leads. Don’t stress about facial expressions or what poses you’ll be doing, we’ll coach you through each and every one, and we’ll even show you pictures along the way! During your shoot, Olin gets right down there with you and will do each pose as an example for you. Even if you’ve never posed in your life, you’ll have a blast and look incredible!

Boudoir Testimonial and Reveal

After your  boudoir session is finished, you’ll collect all your things and head back downstairs. This is where you’ll be asked about making a testimonial video, which helps to empower other women to feel comfortable booking a session of their own by sharing your experience. A week after your shoot, you’ll come back in for an special ordering appointment that we like to call your “Session Reveal.” You’ll get to choose from all of your incredible photos, each beautifully retouched and magazine ready! You will have the opportunity to choose your albums, prints, products, or wall art designs.

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- I believe in the beauty of each individual woman  
- I believe in celebrating your every curve
- I believe that boudoir is empowering
- I embrace beauty in femininity 
- I believe that confidence is sexy 

- I believe laughing is even sexier
- I believe you determine what sexy is for you
- I believe that being a woman is amazing
- I believe in the healing power of boudoir portraiture
- I believe in memorializing your beauty


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