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Today I had an amazing shoot with Lady B, she was oh so deliciously naughty with a pinch of sweetness. Don’t let the soft white lighting and angelic appeal fool you, Lady B had no problem with baring all in her devilishly devastating poses. This was Lady B’s first time entering the Boudoir by Olin studio, but not her first time experiencing a boudoir shoot. She expressed to me that she has done two other shoots but they both were more innocent and cute, and for this shoot, she wanted to go more bold and risqué! Although she didn’t want to give up the flirty and cheeky photo shoot completely, she did want this one to have more edge and sex appeal. So, as you already know, we allowed her to push her limits, and expand her boundaries as far as she liked. I love helping women break out of their shell confidently and proudly, and Lady B was ready and willing!


To slowly ease her out of her norm, we started with the nude colored lingerie. In this lingerie, she felt beautiful, effortless and enchanting. She was personifying an awakening sleeping beauty, the pictures were absolutely breathtaking. After a few takes of her in elegant poses and lingerie, she made a quick wardrobe change. I captured a few pics of her styling a cute laser cut faux leather jacket, with her fabulously manicured nails and ended it with her great smile. Although the first few pictures were stunning, when she was ready to finally try the new lingerie pieces and take on her new persona, Lady B was a knockout. It was like she did a day and night or good vs. evil photoshoot. We started with a sweet and elegant lingerie one piece, that in the white lighting made her look heavenly. But when we got to the end of the shoot, Lady B was pulling on her lace guarder, flaunting her flawless physic and tossing bras aside altogether. Lady B completely and totally surprised me, she meant business!

Good-bye previous notions of beauty, hello heart-wrenching vixen. She laughed more, she gave more energy and opened herself up more to me! Although she’s posed for Boudoir a couple of times already, she expressed that this time around was the more freeing. She felt more open-minded and willing to try something new things. Thanks to her positive experience with Boudoir by Olin she feels more than capable of trying this again. Lady B allowed herself to let go, and break the barriers that usually confine her.

She explained that she usually stuck more to the innocent, and docile photoshoots, because of the way she was brought up. Lady B was taught to believe that men want a more cutesy, frilly, and modest woman when they are looking for a “REAL RELATIONSHIP”. But over the past couple of months, she came to the conclusion that what she was once taught is old and outdated. She wants to let the real woman she is unwind, and her new mentality surface. Lady B was such a bombshell, and I was ecstatic to find out that this will not be the last that I see of her.

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