Hi there! I am Caroline and I am passionate about women and being a woman. My good friends call me Olin. I am passionate about capturing the female form at its finest and most fierce. When I am not focused on highlighting women of all shapes, sizes and ages project their most beautiful selves for the ultimate girl’s day out, or photographing a couple madly in love, fun dogs or cute kids, you’ll find me enjoying laughter, sushi, gluten free baking,jet skiing, Pinterest, and playing with my kids and four-legged puppy partners.

I believe that every woman should indulge and reward herself with luxury boudoir portraiture, so let me show you how beautiful you are.


A little bit about me

My boudoir work is very elegant, sophisticated, feminine and heavily inspired by fashion photography.

I am inspired by my daughter to photograph women and encourage self love and body positivity. I don’t know where I would be without her or the work that I do. What I create is part of me and my art is everything to me. I love waking up every morning and meeting new people and amazing women. Seeing my beautiful clients react to their photographs is a blessing in itself. It’s amazing to be part of the self love journey that a client goes through. I want each woman and each client to go through that transformation, and see the beauty that I see in you.


A little bit about

I’m a people person, and l love the stories of each of my gorgeous and unique clients. What’s more, I live for highlighting what you love about yourself, whether it’s your smile, hair, waist or tummy. It’s what makes you uniquely special and an instant glam girl.


An artist since my mother let me draw on my walls as a little girl (loved it) back home in Indonesia, with a BFA and MFA in New Media and Design, you’ll find me frequently photographing the most happening weddings all over the world under my main wedding brand Milou and Olin Photography.


While I gladly photograph on location in exclusive US and international hotels, my natural-light-bathed studios in San Sacramento are where I’ve paid attention to every detail, personally creating an intimate, luxurious space, complete with a dedicated, private make up area. #girlpower


dogs and puppies.the cute ones, the fuzzy ones, the naughty ones, the cuddly ones

helping others. i wake up and ask myself how i can be of service to the world daily

baking, especially for my loved ones. it's how i share my love and happiness 

dancing, in the morning i wake up, in the shower, in the rain and in random times.

picnics. with the afternoon breeze, friends, a great book and great food.

my family. all of us including our 4 dogs. and others all spread across the world.

antique stores, flea markets and crafts shows. finding the gem through it all.

clothes, fashion, vogue. oh anna wintour, how i would love to grow up to be you.

cuddling in bed and laughing with my love and the dogs on a weekend morning. 

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my favorite things


Phone: [888] 518-6575 M-F 9am-5pm


Email: info@boudoirbyolin.com


It's more than just seduction. It's about feeling good in your own skin. It's about passion. It's about confidence. It's about intimacy. It's about sensuality. It's about women. It's a girl thing.

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