Boudoir By Olin is a Luxury Boudoir Portraiture on location based in San Francisco, California. Our modern fine art boudoir photography is meant to remind a woman that she is beautiful, she is fierce and she is feminine. There is nothing more sexy than a woman looking and feeling remarkable in her own skin, and that is what we are passionate about capturing.

Boudoir by Olin, it’s more than just seduction. It’s about feeling good in your own skin. It’s about passion. It’s about confidence. It’s about intimacy. It’s about sensuality. It’s about women. Boudoir, it’s a girl thing.

Boudoir By Olin

Naturally every client wants to know what to expect during a boudoir session. Caroline loves shooting in any luxury hotel in San Francisco.  On location, in a sun-bathed room, is where she is enjoys creating an intimate, luxurious space for you to shine.  Shooting on location in San Francisco, sessions typically last about one to two hours. If you choose, we even have an all female team lined up that pampers you for the shoot! Our professional makeup and hair team will make you feel sensationally radiant. It’s total #girlpower. Once we get started shooting, champagne and music can do wonders for ambiance, but if that isn’t your thing, be assured once we get started shooting with the first few clicks  and with some gentle encouragement any butterflies will soon fly away. Some clients will prefer to stay mostly under a sheet or pretty robe, and some bring fun outfits to strut in! There is no right or wrong, and either way will be elegantly provocative.

Very few of us are lingerie models or movie stars, but we all deserve a moment in the spotlight. The fine art of boudoir photography is the perfect gift to share with the person we love, or even just to remind ourselves that we can shine, no matter our age or body type. Give mediocrity the middle finger and take the invigorating road less traveled. This is, after all, a visual reminder that you are woman, glorious woman, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Life should include plenty of the remarkably powerful girly things, and boudoir reminds us that we deserve nothing less than love, sensuality, joy and feeling radiant.

So buy yourself something pretty, be pampered, be glowing, be glamorous. Because you will realize, you will be enchanting, you will shine, you will charm, you will be radiant. Because you will be you.

About Caroline

Hi there! I’m Caroline, and I am passionate about women and being a woman. My good friends call me Olin. I am passionate about capturing the female form at its finest and most fierce. I’m a people person, and l love the stories of each of my gorgeous and unique clients. I live for highlighting what you love about yourself, whether it’s your smile, hair, waist or tummy. It’s what makes you uniquely special and an instant glam girl.

My boudoir work is very much elegant, light, feminine and heavily inspired by fashion photography. Each photograph is hand edited and retouched personally by myself to my aesthetic and high standards. I believe that every woman should indulge and reward herself with luxury boudoir portraiture, so let me show you how beautiful you are.

San Francisco Boudoir Photography

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It's more than just seduction. It's about feeling good in your own skin. It's about passion. It's about confidence. It's about intimacy. It's about sensuality. It's about women. It's a girl thing.

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